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Health Root Clinic Millbrook Mall Corner

We’re Health Root and we’ve been helping resolve people’s health issues in Corner Brook and Western Newfoundland since 2016.  We believe in helping people achieve optimal health through natural means, educating each client how their body works and how it can heal with time.  After all it took a lifetime to get to this point and we will need some time work our way back to the healthier you.

We employ a variety of non-invasive techniques and services to access and address your individual health needs.  At the core of everything we do is an advanced type of applied kinesiology allowing us to very precisely narrow down the course of treatment required for each individual, after all we are all unique and will require different means. Their is no one magic pill out there.

As trained certified herbalists we use only the best nutritional food-based herbs manufactured in Canada and beyond.

Watching my family’s mounting health issues with no resolution other than prescriptions that seemed to keep growing with every doctor’s visit, I sought out an alternative to western medicine.  Part of that journey took me to a Sho-Tai training course where I learned the very basics of applied kinesiology. 


Just weeks after doing the course tragically my father developed blood clots shortly followed by multiple strokes and brain bleeds.  Despite the grim prognosis and my very limited training I proceeded to test him determining a regimen of herbs.  His condition improved and within a week of taking the herbs he came completely out of his stroke damaged condition.  He went from not knowing who we were to being fully coherent and walking out of the hospital with no impairment.  It was then that I decided this is something I needed to do so I began studying and training until I became a certified Sho Tai Practitioner.  My wife and I are now in full time practice in our new clinic at Mill Brook Mall in Corner Brook.

To book an appointment please call 709-634-4900 or fill out the Contact Form and someone will be in touch with you shortly.

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