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Electric Acupuncture

Stimulation of acupoints and meridians has been an important therapeutic modality in traditional Eastern medicine, and it has also become popular in the West, as its clinical effectiveness has been demonstrated through extensive research.


Acupuncture and related modern technologies are increasing in popularity worldwide. According to a 2002 World Health Organization report, acupuncture treatment was shown to be effective in controlled trials of 29 diseases, symptoms, or conditions.

Clinical effectiveness of acupuncture has widely been studied during the past four decades. In addition to the demonstrated effectiveness of traditional acupuncture practices, increased demand has arisen for the development of modern acupuncture-like stimulation devices, which are simpler to quantify and standardize and are less dependent on the manipulation techniques of individual clinicians.

The first modern electric acupuncture dates back to the early 1950s, which was based on electrical stimulation.  In addition to its long history, it is the most extensively studied of these type of modalities. 

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