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Bob Reid Story

Marie Russell Story

I had developed blood clots in my lower abdomen and upper left thigh, rushed through emergency I was treated with TPA (Clot Buster) that broke the blood clots.  Unfortunately the broken clots then moved traveling to my brain immediately causing multiple strokes, in addition as a side effect of the TPA I endured brain bleeds.  Intubated on full life support I remained in a coma for five weeks, then to everyone's surprise I woke in the fifth week. But after such severe brain trauma my mental state was like that of a confused young child; the hospital began discussions with my family to place me in Long Term Care.  It was at this time that David tested me suggesting some herbal products.  Two days after starting the herbs I began to remember my family again, two weeks after that most of faculties had returned and I wanted to go home.  A week later I did leaving the hospital being called "Miracle Man" by patients and staff alike.  Continuing on the products Dave had suggested my brain continued to heal as over the coming weeks my mind sorted my thoughts, dreams and memories.  Today I continue to live with absolutely no ill effects from the severe brain injuries that almost took my life.
  • James Reid - Newfoundland
     Dave Reid's father and first Patient


Hot Flashes, Hot Flashes!!  Does that say enough?  One month after starting the products Dave suggested my hot flashes began to subside and after 3 months they are a thing of the past!!!  Oh the comfort LOL, Thanks Dave.
  • Kelly - Newfoundland


Squamous cell Carcinoma.  I heard the words but I did not understand what the doctor was saying until he finally said "CANCER".  After a couple surgeries removing it from my neck and shoulder it began to appear on my face a gruesome prospect knowing the pain and scarring I suffered from my previous surgeries.   It was around that time a few people had mentioned Dave to me suggesting that he had helped treat a number of conditions for people including cancer.  With nothing to lose I made an appointment to have an assessment done.  I liked his straightforward and honest demeanor; the way he discussed what was happening and how my body worked got my attention not to mention the issues he found without me telling him.  Taking the treatment he suggested results came within weeks as the lesions on my skin began to scab over and fall off leaving clear new skin behind.  My amazement quickly turned to fear as other lesions appeared but, after testing Dave explained that these were underlying and the treatment had pulled them out as well.  The end result was the same after a few months they had all scabbed and fell off.  Today cancer free I feel amazing as Dave has addressed other health issues including my chronic back pain.
    Thank you Dave.
  • Donald - Newfoundland


My back had been hurting for weeks as a result of a slip, tired of various pain medication I went to see Dave.  Checking he told me my left hip was out as well as a couple ribs, he then took me through a muscle therapy session.  Getting up from the table I could not believe how much relief I had; and the next day was even better!!  After two more sessions the issue is completely gone.  
  • Stephen - Newfoundland


Dave made me a believer.  After 8 weeks of physio, I was beginning to worry I would never heal from a hip injury I had acquired at soccer.  I couldn't walk without a limp or constant pain even after eight weeks physiotherapy.  Seeing Dave changed everything.  After the first check-up he found my hip was dislocated and I had a rib out.  I couldn't believe it!  My doctor nor my physiotherapist figured that out.  After my first appointment I walked out with no limp and most of my pain was gone.  I couldn't believe it!  After my sixth session of muscled therapy, I walk normally, sleep normally and my pain is gone.  Thanks so much Dave.  You made me a believer.
  • Tara - Labrador, Newfoundland

I went through a lot of painful years where my body was aching all over, I couldn't sleep more than 3-4 hours of deep sleep per night (on a good night) and where this situation would make me very irritable - to say the least... Through Dave's knowledge, patience, generosity and genuine care, I can honestly say that my life is now enjoyable. I now sleep at night, waking up rested and energetic, while my body feels as strong as it was 25 yrs ago. All of this without medication, surgery, or even exercise... I feel absolutely blessed to have Dave Reid in my life and recommend his care to anyone seeking both physical and mental health. Again, Dave, thank you so much!!!
  • Dan - Newfoundland


I suffered during my 30's diagnosed with Thyroid Disease then in my early 40's I was treated with radioactive Iodine and relagated to perscriptions and synthetic hormones.  My sister suggested that Dave may be able to help so I made an appointment.  After the first three months I began to feel a difference and in the next three months I felt much better, less tired and more energized.  Seeing my doctor he was surprised as my blood work came back normal for my Thyroid; now free of the perscriptions I feel amazing!!
  • Sandy - Newfoundland


While having a meal with my son Liam at a restaurant he became difficult, and while others stared or just looked annoyed by our situation David approached to see if he could help; then inquired where Liam was on the Autistic scale.  Asking if he could put his hand on Liam's shoulder he suggested to my husband and I that we take him off all dairy saying it would be a good start  for him and left us his card.  Later discussing the encounter with my husband and at our wits end we decided to take the dairy out of his diet.  The changes were astonishing as after a week his night terrors stopped and he seemed to become slightly more manageable a notion confirmed by Liam's teachers.  Contacting Dave we made an appointment, a decision that has positively changed the life of our entire family.  Changes in Liam were small but steady and now after nine months his angry outburst are a thing of the past and he has become manageable, now able to adapt to some change he has even begun to socialize with others on a small scale.  Thank you so much David!!
  • Karen - Newfoundland


I really didn't feel bad as most people my age have a few lingering health issues, aches & pains nothing major but after talking with people who had great results I decided to make an appointment.  I have now finished my second session and so glad I have, my allergies have all but gone aches and pains have decreased and the energy I now have is incredible; I did not realize how "sick" I actually was.  I think my golden years may now actually be golden.
  • Patrick - Newfoundland


I went to see Dave about the terrible headaches I had been having of late, during the reading he not only picked up on my headaches but a couple of other issues I had also not told him about?!?  Telling me my neck was out of place he proceeded to do muscle therapy, immediately after my headache stopped and has not returned.  YOUR AWESOME, Thanks Dave.
  • Blake - Newfoundland


Only one month after being vaccinated for Shingles I had on outbreak of the disease?!?  Suffering with painful blisters and useless treatments for a month a freind suggested I go see Dave.  THREE DAYS after starting me on herbal products he suggested the blisters began to subside, in a week they were gone!!  He tells me after my first three months he will test to see if we can remove the virus to ensure it does not re-occure again.  Amazing!
  • Ken - Newfoundland


I have been living with severe Migraines since my late teens, a debilitating condition compounded by the harsh medication I take for it.  As I was being tested he determined I had a circulation issue surprisingly touching the area of my head where my headaches emanate from!  Just weeks after starting the products he suggested and avoiding the foods he noted were bad for me my Migraines eased up; and after three months I've only had two episodes.  I am confident that in the next three months it will go away completely!
  • Alexandria - Newfoundland


Some people think diarrhea is funny, well imagine having a chronic condition and being unable to leave your own home.  Simple tasks like going to the grocery store become impossible, then having no real social interation; well that was my life for over a year.  Wearing an adult pamper I went to see Dave, during the reading he almost immediately told me I had a virus in my bowel and suggested an herb to help resolve it.  Two days later the diarrhea had stopped and has not returned in the three months; I am now on another product to remove the virus.  Thank you for returning my life.
  • Shawn - Newfoundland


I would often wake up in the morning with a headache having it linger miserably throughout the day some days better or worse than others.  Seeing Dave he suggested avoiding three foods that were bad for me and amazingly my headaches have gone away.  Thanks Dave!
  • Perry - Newfoundland


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